Bucket Level Loader Levelling System

The Bucket Level Loader Levelling System is designed for use on tractors with a front end loader.  It helps the operator determine the angle of the bucket and is especially helpful in determining when the bucket is level.  The Bucket Level consists of 3 components:  sensor, wiring harness, and display.  All components are easily installed and can be quickly disconnected, in the event that you need to remove your loader, or removed at the end of the growing season.


The sensor mounts on the back of the tractor bucket using very strong rare earth magnets that make it easy to install and that make sure it stays put.

Wiring Harness

One end of the wiring harness is permanently connected to the sensor.  The wiring harness is secured to the arm of the front end loader.  The other end of the wiring harness connects to the display.


The display mounts on the dash of the tractor and connects to the wiring harness.  The display contains a CR2032 battery (pre-installed) that provides power for the Bucket Level Loader Levelling System.  No connection to the tractor is required.

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